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Andrew Fischer Wong: Director

Andrew Wong is a San Francisco based filmmaker from Modesto, CA.

His work has been featured at the Cannes Film Festival in 2013 and CAAM Fest in 2017

where he took home an award for his work as a

cinematographer and editor.

With years of filmmaking and improv theatre experience,

Andrew arrives on set with an open ear,

ready to hear your idea and give it an extra push of

creativity to make your vision come to life.

As an educator, Andrew has instructed for the Latino Film Institute, the California Film Institute

and he founded the Filmmaker Boot Camp program in Modesto. His teaching style focuses on

participation, ensuring each student gains experience to allow them to contribute to their team


As a community organizer, Andrew directed the first 48 Hour Film Competition hosted by the State Theatre of Modesto.

A remarkable 32 teams signed up and the top 16 films were premiered at the State Theatre in front of a crowd of more than 350.

Filmmakers in the area showed that even though they aren’t well known yet, they craved a competition like this and the community showed support for local filmmakers.

To contact Andrew about bringing the Filmmaker Boot Camp,to the 48 Hour Film Competition to your community, or to inquire about a

promotional or music video, email him at Andrew@retoldproductions.com